Last Ride?

It’s November already but the great weather just goes on and on. I keep wondering, will this be my last bike ride for the season? Gary and I were just out in Denver, Colorado and woke up to a half inch of ice coating everything. No fun trying to chip ice off the windshield of the car using the plastic hotel room swipe key. Of course, the next day, it was 70 degrees. Crazy. I’m glad to be back in Pennsylvania where you can count on the forecast– mostly.

Last week we rode our bikes on the Delaware and Raritan Canal trail in New Jersey. What? The trail crosses through a golf course– never seen that before. 

No! Don’t even think about it. You know he’s thinking about it. 

I was sceptical about this trail at first. Especially when I saw the dirt path but it was smooth and easy riding. And spectacular, with a lake on one side and the canal on the other. Wow. 

I try to imagine what life was like, living in the small cottage and working the locks for the barges that traveled the canal. Such a different time. 

Beautiful Carnegie Lake. I don’t know if they allow motors but we see lots of kayaks and canoes. 

We rode about 9 miles from Port Mercer to Kingston where we knew there was a nice restaurant, Eno Terra, just a block from the canal path. Ratz! Not open until 4 o’clock. 

Hum… ride on and hope for food ahead? Or turn back, though we didn’t see anything on the way here. Gary better not be thinking about that golf course…

Hey, if we turn around, we can ride up into Princeton from the canal. Gotta be food in a college town. 

I did say “ride up”. It’s always up from the water. It might not look that steep but I got off the bike and walked because it was forever UP.

This is why I love exploring. First we rode through the University, with old ivy draped buildings and then wheeled our bikes downtown. There were street musicians playing guitars and a classical violinist. And we found a nice restaurant for lunch. 

The interior was so cool. I loved this chandelier made from lamp bases. 

One of Gary’s criteria for a perfect bike ride. Yeah, mine too. 

Walking back down to the trail, I learned that it’s pretty easy to guide the bike while eating a double dip heath bar crunch ice cream cone. Makes walking the bike actually pleasurable.

From Mulberry street in Trenton to Landing Lane Bridge in New Brunswick, the D &R Canal runs almost 40 miles. We rode about 9 miles, out and back, from Port Mercer to Kingston. Whoohoo! That leaves about 30 miles of trail to explore! Hopefully there are more gorgeous days left this season for another bike ride. 

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  1. Andra H Rudershausen says

    You are such a great writer… I could smell the air, see the beautiful water… and enjoy the adventure! I may
    have to buy a bike!!! Andra

  2. Denise McCaffrey says

    Terry, you didn’t even comment on those gorgeous flowers. It looked like a quilt in the making to me!

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