Beach Babes

Surfs up! The Sometimes We Do Quilt Bee actually put down the rotary cutters and turned off the sewing machines at our annual retreat. Some of us put on swim suits and actually ventured into the ocean. I’m not saying who and they made me promise not to put photos on the blog. I can’t figure out why because we all looked smokin’ hot in those bikinis! 

I found this great string-pieced quilt on Pinterest. I’m a firm believer in bringing a project to a quilting retreat that doesn’t require too much heavy thinking. That way you can keep your focus on more important issues, like which wine compliments the entree? Red or white? And which desert to choose? Cheese cake, coconut cup-cakes or chocolate chip cookies?

I had a stack of light and dark strip-pieced blocks that I made at our “Bonnie Hunter Day” a while ago.

I needed to make the light/dark blocks for the star points. Usually in Bonnie Hunter patterns, you cut the dark blocks from corner to corner, parallel to the strips and the cut the light blocks the opposite way, then stitch a light and dark half together. But this design isn’t a Bonnie Hunter pattern and I had a revelation. 

Why not just strip the whole block, half light, half dark? The heck with cutting and re-sewing. 

I did want my center seam exactly on the diagonal. I matched a light and dark strip, right sides together and sewed on a premarked line, a quarter inch from the edge.

I pressed the two strips open.

Strip across the dark side then flip around and strip and sew the light side.

One star done. Yikes– the Pinterest quilt must have used smaller blocks because my star is 28 inches. A quilt set 3 by 3 star blocks would be about 84 inches square. That’s a big square quilt. 

If I set 2 by 3 stars and added a pieced block border, the quilt would measure about 70 by 98 inches. Closer to a twin bed size. I think that would be more usable than a giant square. I’m going to think about different border options. I need another retreat!

Thanks Peggy, for sharing your wonderful beach house. Thanks to all the Bee Buddies for good food and wine, for “therapy” and great friendship. We sorely missed those not in attendance. Until next time, Be happy and sew on.  

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  1. It’s so fun to get away with quilting friends. Love the blocks that you’re putting together, great colors!

  2. This makes me want run & grab some scraps!

  3. I just love this quilt!!! Retreats are the best!

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