New River

What are we looking at here? Well, I tried to get a picture of this raccoon playing peek-a-boo with me but he wasn’t cooperating. He ran across the trail and scampered up to the V in the tree branch. I’d take a step and he would check me out. When I stopped to I snap a photo, he’d tuck back in. I don’t usually hike in August because it’s way too hot but opportunity knocked and Gary and I drove down to Pearisburg, Virginia, where I left off on the Appalachian Trail in 2011. 

After driving for 6 hours, Gary dropped me off on a woods road so I could hike back down into Pearisburg. It feels great in the shady trees but this road walk up to the bridge is hot and a real sweat fest. 

You rarely see a white blaze on a real stairway. I’ve been looking forward to walking over the New River. Our family went on a raft trip down the New/Gauly River years ago. What were we thinking, bouncing our 4 children in a rubber raft through huge rapids? I remember watching other rafts flip and toss everybody into the churning water and paddling for my life and praying for survival. 

I can’t even get a good view with this chain link fence spanning the bridge walkway.  

The New River is one of the longest rivers in the U.S. that flows South to North, I do love rivers. Gary and I met up on the bridge and I followed him back to the car. Just a short 4 mile hike today, but the start of a big 90 mile section.

Last time I was here we backpacked the Trail but tonight we are staying in Narrows, Virginia in the MacArthur Hotel. I have no idea what that pig is about. 

Clendennin Road Va 641 to Lane Street, Pearisburg   4.1 miles

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