Was there 10 minutes yesterday when it wasn’t raining? I knew the storm was coming, so on Sunday, Gary and I headed out for a bike ride. It was cool and overcast, perfect for this rail-trail that promised no shade.  

I was browsing around on Trailink, wondering how far I could entice Gary to drive, when I found a trail I had never heard of pretty close to my house. What? A trail that starts at Atgle and goes 27 miles to The Susquehanna River? Atglen is a little village right next to Christiana, Pennsylvania, home to The Quilt Ledger, my local quilt shop! Too bad it’s Sunday– closed. This trail travels through Chester and Lancaster counties and is maintained by local townships. That translates to varied surfaces and conditions. We found a rutted, grassy path at the Atglen Trailhead so decided to drive on to Quarryville, where the reviews promised crushed limestone. 

Smooth riding and absolutely flat. 

Occasionally we got a view across the fields. We both questioned how this ridge can be so perfect. 

It wasn’t always. The Pennsylvania Railroad re-shaped the landscape for the optimum freight road, removing 1.3 cubic yards of rock and earth and  building 12 bridges to span streams and roads– all in 7 miles. 

We rode 8 miles out until the ballast turned into the rutted tracks. I’m sorry to say that the uniformity was a good workout but– boring. The interpretive signs gave no clue as to why this section is called Enola but I would have to give it a low grade, pun intended. 

Yep, the Trail could have been more scenic and interesting but it was a nice day in August for a bike ride. And we finished up with a chocolate milk shake. No complaints from me!

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  1. Christine says

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  2. Enola spelled backwards is alone . Enola pa is a town across the Susquehanna from Harrisburg.. don’t know if you went that far ?
    So maybe you were alone on the trail and when you went back you were enola ?

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