Tidying Up

Massdrop is a dangerous thing. I had to discontinue receiving notices because the quilty offerings were too tempting. A few years ago I just had to have the full line of fat quarters from Lotta Jansdotter fabrics. When the bundle arrived, I had no idea what to do with it so I made up a log cabin block surrounded by squares. I didn’t like the blocks and didn’t like the fabrics either. So not my colors. 

In keeping with my plan of action — finish something old before starting something new — I pulled out the blocks and sewed them together. I’m surprised to find I actually like the quilt! 

I sewed the few remaining squares together and will combine the strip with the backing fabric. I cut the scraps into strips and added them to the Bonnie Hunter scrap basket. Another UFO out of the closet, I do feel very righteous! I neatly folded the top and placed it on my towering stack of Tops To Be Quilted pile. Not feeling so righteous about that….

The three step stool is proving it’s worth. 

A cold glass of iced tea and relaxing on the couch on the screened-in porch is a nice reward  and motivates me through my reading list. The Enchanted Islands is a book about two American navel spys during WW II stationed in the Galapogos, keeping an eye on two German spys, also assigned to the island. Not enough about Galagos and kinda boring story but I loved the book’s cover. Season of the Dragonflies was more interesting with a bit of fantasy woven into a tale of generations of women owning a perfume business in the Blue Ridge mountains. Not enough about the mountains. Clearly, setting is important to me. I haven’t started Wonder yet but I loved Room by Emma Donohughe. Didn’t care for Frog Music much, so we will see. 

I am trying to listen to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up but it seems like a lot of falderall involved in getting the job done.  

I don’t have time to hold on to crap to decide if it continues to give me joy. I just dump everythig out, keep the good stuff, toss the rest in the trash. 

I do agree that decluttering and organizing can give you a new lease on life. 

Tidying up is cathartic and I’m hoping for some magic with a new project. Now these are my colors. 

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  1. Christine says

    You always make me smile, it not outright laugh. The top looks good and will will be kept well in the moosewood box. I realllllly ‘liked’ (was captivated by?) Room, not so much her next book. I’m looking forward to a good report on this one.

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