We are taking the long way home– by way of Germany. Gary has a chemical conference to attend. After a really long train ride from the airport, that involved getting off the train to board a bus due to some “track incident” — do you see a pattern here? We checked into the hotel and headed for the nearest beer garden.

I considered various options for touristing around Munich the next day while Gary was working. Walking in this beautiful park in old town was relaxing. I found a park bench, a frozen chocolate coffee drink and read my book. So grateful I didn’t have to train into town! Or anywhere else. 

When Gary got back, we walked the few blocks into the old section of Munich, looking for a dinner restaurant. We just missed seeing the figures dance around during the chiming of the hour on this glockenspiel. 

A whole lotta years ago, Gary and I were in Munich on our honeymoon trip.  He says we had a beer at this iconic Hofbrauhaus. I don’t remember! Maybe because we had a lotta beers in a lotta hofbrauhaus’es.

This is a busy place with a great Oom-Pa band and dirndle costumed Fräuleins serving steins of beer. 

You would think this gorgeous ceiling would trigger a memory. I’m checking my old photo albums at home– was I really here as a newlywed or has Gary made it up?

Spätzle for dinner, the German equivalent of mac-and-cheese comfort food. And a salad. And a pretzel. Ahhhh….no meat! Now if I can just find a gelato for desert. 

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  1. Lynne Laino says:

    What an incredible trip you’ve had! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful locations and the food porn, of course!!

  2. Love Munich! Hope you have a few relaxing days while your husband is working.

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