It’s Never Easy

If I had to choose a favorite “tool” that really contributes to quilting and sewing, I’d pick my design wall. I used this design wall for years and really loved it. It was made from two panels of Homosote and covered with thick gray felt. When my longarm machine moved right in front, it was hard to get around to put anything up. 

So I made another pin board on the opposite wall. I used Homosote again because it was the perfect pinning surface, not hard and not wimpy. Well, who knew there are different grades of Homosote? These panels are so dense you practically have to drill a pilot hole to stick a pin in. It’s taken me 5 or 6 years to bend or throw away thousands of pins.

So I’ve been working on a commissioned quilt and I promised myself a reward. When the top was finished and came down, I was treating myself to a new design wall. I had a great plan, no need to remove the old Homosote, just put two new panels on top. Easy and quick, right! The old wall had a microfleece covering. Great for holding fabric, awful for drawing paper patterns.  I ripped that off first.

 I want to note here that the ladder was surely constructed in the 1800’s and weighs about 500 pounds. I keep threatening to pour gasoline on it and flick a match but Gary has some kind of attachment…  broken… rickety and scary…  and heavy. 

So I took some pins with me to Home Depot and decided on styrofoam insulation. Getting these flimsy sheets home taped to the top of my car was not fun. Then, the darn blue logos showed through my thin white felt so I had to paint over everything. 

You know that thing about how it’s a 2 hour job if you do it yourself and 3 days if you ask your husband for help?

Whoo hoo! Check out that beautiful new design wall. Oh my gosh, sticking a pin in is deeply satisfying. The studio has 9 foot ceilings and I like to make big quilts so I struggled for 5 or 6 years with that 2 step stool, couldn’t get a quilt block up towards the top without stacking something wobbly. So I treated myself to a new 3 step stool. Life is good.

I considered dragging that horrible old wood ladder out to the yard and making good my threat. But Gary insisted on hauling it to the garage. What do you want to bet that the only ladder he will ever use is my new step stool? Maybe he won’t notice a small fire…

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  1. Barbara MACEY says

    Thank You Terry,
    My daughter & I need a new design wall & appreciate that you’ve done the work for us. Our old design wall is styrofoam covered with a piece of fleece which works beautifully.

    Looking forward to your next creation.

  2. Looking forward to the next quilt that will be on your design wall.

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