Full On Summer

We have had several absolutely perfect summer days. The sky has been deep blue with no humidity and the sun felt warm but a lovely breeze was cool. Black-eyed Susans are surely the official summer flower and the meadow at Longwood Gardens is all abloom.

Red Wing Blackbirds must be protecting nests because they kamikaze dive right for me. I love hearing their conk la ree call.

Longwood’s grand reopening of the refurbished fountains happened while I was in Spain and I’m finely getting a look at the changes that have been years in the making.

The passageway into the Grotto is dark and mysterious, promising a surprise.

I wasn’t dissapointed! A fine curtain of water flows in thin ribbons from the circular opening in the ceiling, shimmering like diamonds in the sunlight.

The ferns and mosses are tiny now but I’m looking forward to watching them grow and fill in among the rocks.

To celebrate the renovation, there is a 12 minute fountain display, treating visitors to a taste of the nighttime show. It’s just magical to see flowers bloom in jets of water to the music of Vivaldi.

We haven’t seen fireworks in over three years because the fountains were shut down. There will be a fireworks show on Sunday for the Fourth of July. Yea! I’ll be waving a flag!

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  1. What beautiful gardens you live near! Enjoy the 4th and the new show!

  2. Christine says

    We were just there. I didn’t know to walk along that pathway of arches. Next time!

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