Bye Bye Bocadillos

Our last day in Spain, we both want a final taste of our favorite foods. Check out those sandwiches, or “bocodillos” in Spanish. In the U.S. you would buy a paper cone of French fries to accompany your sandwich. In Spain you get a cone of different kinds of sausage slices! They are crazy for meat and seafood here, haven’t seen a green vegetable or salad in weeks. And whole grain bread? Forget about it.

In this shop you choose the ham, “jamon iberico” for your sandwich. The longer the meat is cured the greater the depth of flavor and the price. I have trouble looking at those hooves…. Since Gary is asking so many questions, and the server doesn’t understand a word he is saying, we both get a tiny sliver of each to taste. Delicious! Gary ordered the expensive one– hey, it’s our last day. Just wishing for some lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mustard and mayo on mine tho.

Gary is looking longingly at these hams for sale. Don’t even think about it unless you want to gift the Customs Agent at the airport. Even if it was possible, that hoof is not going in my suitcase. 

While The Carnivor is in ham heaven, I’m heading for desert. Oh my gosh! The gelato! I need another week to work my way through all the flavors. 

I always go for the straciatella, vanilla with shaved chocolate bits. 

The way they display the ice cream is so pretty. I intended to get a picture of my dish, gelato scooped into a flower shape, but I started devouring it before I remembered. 

We walked down La Rambla, looking into the expensive shops, people watching, listening to music from street buskers, playing cello and flute, enjoying our last tastes of Barcelona.

To cap the evening, we went to a flamingo concert. The stage and audience was small and intimate, the performers intended to represent members of a gypsy camp, singing, clapping and stamping feet, playing drums and guitar. The guitar music was just amazing.

The dancers!  It was impossible to capture a photo, their feet moved so fast but mostly because I was completely mesmerized. I kept thinking, the next dancer, I’ll take a picture, then I was enthralled and too caught up in the passion and music. I even tried to take a video but I kept watching instead of filming. 

A perfect end to our trip to Spain. I have had a wonderful time in this fascinating country and I hope I can return someday. 

Adiós España. Muchas gracias. Ha sido fantástico.

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  1. Oh, European gelato is the best! Looks like you had a great trip – hope the return home went well. You should have great memories to last until you return!

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