Gary and I rented a car so we could take some day trips from Madrid. He scoffed at my suggestion of getting some Euros before we left the USA. After spending more than a frustrating hour trying to figure out how to change the Navi from Spanish to English, we started driving. Immediate panic– Toll Booth ahead– What! No Euros! Out of nowhere, Gary pulled two single Euro coins from his pocket. He must have discovered these just laying around our house. The charge? Two Euros. A good omen!

We discovered on the road to Segovia, the toll booth machines take credit cards. Nice to know. Of course we now had Euros, because the Metro machines wouldn’t take the credit card. Well, a good reason to travel is for enlightenment, right? 

The aqueduct in Segovia was amazing! I need to read about the engineering of how this worked. The little information available is all in Spanish. 

Segovia is most famous for its historic Roman aqueduct, it also boasts an impressive castle and cathedral. We decided to admire the cathedral from the outside and tour inside the castle.

The Alcázar of Segovia is said to be one of the several castles that inspired Walt Disney.  The first written record dates back to the beginning of the eighth century. 

The halls and salons are decorated with mind numbing different styles spanning the hundreds of years of habitation. Much of the furnishings and surface treatments are restored but some are original historic pieces. Tapestries survive pretty well and suits of armor certainly last through centuries! 

I loved the ceilings. Many a quilter has been inspired by intricate floor or ceiling patterns in cathedrals and castles. I won’t be piecing fabric like this anytime soon tho.

The formal gardens could provide quilting motifs as well. 

Touristing requires lots of energy. Time to enjoy a glass of vino tinto and taste Segovia’s gastronomic specialty of cochinillo – roasted suckling pig at Meson De Candido. Gary and I split a single order of the pork, served as very tender shredded meat.

Right next to us was a table of 8 people, clearly celebrating something special. They were served the entire pig! 

We watched enthralled as this man, with a gold embroidered sash draped around his neck, came out of the restaurant and delivered a stirring speech to the celebrating diners. As he spoke the last words, none of which we understood, he picked up the plate and used it to chop the roasted pig into portions, taking care to preserve the snout and ears. Then, in a grand gesture, he crashed the plate to the cement floor, smashing it to pieces and everyone at the table stood and cheered and clapped! Wow! I didn’t see that coming!

The party went on to enjoy their feast but this important dude– Grand Server of the Roast Pig?– we don’t know what to call him! Shook hands and posed for photos with many other diners. On the walls of the restaurant, we saw framed pictures of this same man in his younger days,  with Cary Grant, Sofia Loren, and other celebrities and international dignitaries through the years. 

All kinds of enlightenment today!

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  1. Stephanie Z Hironimus says

    Amazing! I agree with “Christine”… keep your posts coming!
    Enjoy every minute of your journey!

    • Oh my gosh! I am having such a wonderful time. I might turn around in Santiago and walk the Camino back the other way.

  2. Christine says

    Keep your posts coming. When does the hiking start?

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