Breakfast With Kira

If you happen to be in JoAnn Fabrics, grabbing a rotary cutter blade with your half price coupon, wander past the pattern book counter and check out my cover-girl daughter, Kira. 

It’s so cool to see her modeling for Vogue Patterns. She told me the style-ists and photographers at the photo shoot loved her story of how I sewed her prom dress a (few) years ago by combining several Vogue patterns. 

So as I was flipping through the book, I might have casualy mentioned (ok…gushed excitedly) to all of the sewers at the table that this is my daughter. Hey, sewers and quilters are the best! It turned into a fun Kira seek-and-find and round-table discussion on which were the best fashion looks and which pattern did you want to make. 

She also has a nice spread in the new Vogue Patterns magazine. 

I don’t sew many garments anymore. But I’m really enjoying reading the articles and having breakfast, so to speak, with Kira.  

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  1. So cool!

  2. Peggy Hallowell says


  3. Lynne Laino says

    How exciting!! What a beautiful and sweet daughter you have Terry!

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