Just a few miles from Segovia is the village of LaGranja, our home for the night. We wanted to experience one of the 90 state-run Spanish hotels called paradores.

The paradores are luxury hotels in restored Castles, Monasteries, Convents, Fortresses, Manor Houses and Palaces. They range in price and types of accommodation and amenities but many are quite inexpensive compared to American standards. 

The Parador de La Granja, is located in the Casa de los Infantes, constructed in the 18th century by Charles III to house Princes Gabriel and Antonio. I don’t quite understand why a nursery for two babies would be built away from the main castle. And why the heck did they need soooo many rooms?

I can say I totally enjoyed my elegant, enormous suite and dinner in the restaurant completed the full experience.

We took a stroll to view the castle, a few blocks away, illuminated at night. 

The next morning we enjoyed a leasurly breakfast. Gary had huevos Benedictine and I can’t get enough chocolate croissants and cappuccinos. There are so many churches in addition to the big cathedral and today seems to be First Holy Communion Sunday. It is so fun to see the little girls in their long white dresses and veils. Whole families are dressed up and pose for pictures on the steps. On the square and in front of the churches, small ensembles play a variety of music– everything from show tunes to chamber music. 

I’m going to read about St Teresa of Avila. My real name, though I don’t often admit it, is Theresa spelled with an H, so I know this isn’t my saint, but I’d like to know more about her and the walled city of Avila. 

The wall is amazing! If you pay 5 Euros you can climb up to the top and walk about 1 and a half kilometers around. Not for us today– it’s cold and windy. 

The view from the wall is probably spectacular but this is good enough. 

They should film an episode of The Amazing Race here. The teams would have a hard time, trying to find their way down tiny, twisting, confusing streets. There’s a lot of real estate enclosed within 1 and a half meters of wall. Gary has been searching for a beer for at least an hour!

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    As always, you make me chuckle and want to join you!

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    How beautiful!!!

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