Another reason I like hiking in Virginia– visiting with grandkids! Tanner and family actually live less than a mile from the Appalachian Trail in Daleville. I need to hike a 90 mile section that includes McAfee Knob and the Dragons Tooth but I’m saving (avoiding) that for another day. It was cool how well this cotton candy machine worked! 

A mountain valley has to be a great place for a kite festival.

Amateurs and professionals were flying all kinds of kites.

This might be a balloon instead of a kite. 

Of course we had to buy a kite and try to get it flying. My job was to hold all the drinks and festival food.

Success! Now show us some fancy tricks, PopPop.

Everyone had a great time. Corn dogs, ice cream, and donuts for dinner. Cotton candy for desert. What? Apparently you can’t get your fill of cotton candy. 

Avarie and Mackenzie are growing up too fast. I sure wish they lived closer. I miss them already!

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  1. susan racobaldo says

    so so cute. They really have grown!! Looks like a great time!

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