Virginia Day Two

Have I mentioned how much I love hiking the Appalachian Trail in Virginia?  The Trail actually   goes through fourteen states and each one has a different “feel.” Certainly the terrain, foliage, vegetation, weather– all those kinds of things are different. But the way in which the Trail is constructed and maintained is also very different. In Vermont, for instance, you might need to hike almost vertically straight up a mountain. In Virginia, you can count on lovely, long, gradual switchbacks, gently winding up the same scale of elevation. I dearly love switchbacks!

If there is a river in Maine, guaranteed — you will have to rock hop across, or worse, hold onto cables, get wet and pray a lot. They believe in bridges in Virginia. Big rivers, little creeks, you will find a luxurious, well constructed bridge. 

In Virginia, even crossing a small spring, a Trail Crew has thoughtfully lined up and leveled slabs of rocks, almost like pavement, for you.  I so appreciate southern hospitality. 

We might not have minded getting wet on this hot day though. We decided we needed a boots off and cooling feet kind of break. Tim was searching for crawdads and actually found a big one that decided to latch onto his finger!

Gary called the peanut butter sandwich break at what he thought was the summit. Still 500 feet to the top. Grrrr. Give me that map.

I saw these tiny white flowers but I wasn’t sure what they are called. The leaf shape will help in identifying when I look them up.

I think this is the only wild flower that Gary can name. Sometimes there are acres of trout lilies, but I only spotted a single bloom. 

VA 625 to VA 742 Holston River Bridge   8.1 miles

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