Pierce’s Woods

I miss being outdoors in the woods. Four days is not enough hiking, though my knees are telling me different. Two days of steady rain has kept me inside. A walk at Longwood is in order. Those foxgloves are 6 feet tall!

I do love how rain makes the color contrast so intense.

I turned in the path and caught sight of these ferns. Oh my gosh.

After years of walking in Pierce’s Woods, the oldest part of Longwood Gardens, I know where to look for Jack-in-the-Pulpits. My favorite Jacks have purple-brown stems and colored stripes on the bloom. 

I love the translucent, pale green Jacks too. Now I just want to race home and start sorting through my green fabrics. How many quilts do you make in your head? Millions?

It’s mandatory to check on the trilliums. Oh my gosh. Again…

Red ones!


Purple ones!

Pale green ones! 

I walked along the Flower Walk, expecting to see beds of blooming tulips. There are a few left but they’re mostly finished. What! Done already? This is such a crazy spring. I looked back at photos from previous years and the tulips were in bud and bloom on April 30 and the first week in May. No matter, I’m deliriously happy to see all the wild flowers, my longing for the woods satisfied for a bit. 

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  1. What gorgeous flowers in the gardens! We are getting three days of rain in central Indiana, so our flowers should be pretty in a few weeks!

  2. Leslie Skibo says

    thanks for posting these beautiful pictures. Miss seeing Longwood

  3. Terry, I love these photos! So beautiful and woodsy. I want to visit again!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Terry. What a great burst of colors to give sunshine to the day!

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