AQS Lancaster Quilt Show

We are so lucky here in southeastern Pennsylvania. There are several large quilt shows to attend every year. I always look forward to the AQS show at the end of March. I think I took enough quilt photos to blog for a week but I’ll just share a few of my favorites. 

This quilt is by Cynthia England. I fell in love with her landscapes many years ago and made two of her patterns. I just received the American Quilter magazine and this quilt is on the cover. There is also an interview article with Cynthia.  

This quilt had so much texture. Isn’t it enhanced (bet the maker thinks so, too!) by the shot of color in the red ribbon.

Skinny spikes pieced perfectly (say that 3 times…) and gorgeous machine quilting. 

Then this quilter took it up another notch with detailed embroidery on the peacock’s feathers.

There is something so interesting and haunting about the multiple portrait images. The photos are actually by Edward S. Curtis, famous Western photographer. The quilt won a ribbon in the “Stationary Machine Quilted” category. I wish I understood the judges thinking. The quilting is a very simple, zigzag stitched grid. Hummm.

Now this is stitching. The blue ribbon is for First Entry in an AQS Show. The quilting was done with a “movable machine.” AQS is now separating quilt entries made by “Stationary Machine,” meaning the quilter moves the fabric under the needle. Or “Movable Machine,” meaning the quilting is done by moving the machine head over the quilt. 

I love this flower garden. I need a new hand appliqué project and I wonder if I could do something similar.  All trillium flowers, of course. 

I always love the quilts in the Special SAQA exhibit. This small quilt gets my “Best Composition” award.

Can you believe this is a quilt! “Silk Road Sampler” by Melissa Sobotka is based on her photo and is fused appliqué, enhanced with Tsukineko Inks. 

Oh my gosh…the detail. There is not a lot of stitching on the quilt and the fused edges are left raw. I really wonder what the quilt looked like before ink was applied. The subtle shadowing is so realistic. Melissa Sobotka is coming to speak at Calico Cutters, my guild. I can’t wait! I need to hear all about her process. 

There was also a Special Exhibit of Sobotka’s quilts. I’m such a fan! I love this quilt. First, I am drawn in by the color and I am mesmerized by the repetition of the circle shapes. Then I look at the bricks and the background and I realize, this is not an abstract composition. I’m looking down on spindles on a board. That, “Oh! I see!” recognition is what I really love in any art form. 

The close quilting over the raw edges was wonderfully accomplished.

Lastly, I was Blown. Away. by the Lion King Special Exhibit. In this competition, quilters had to use 4 colors of Cherrywood fabrics. Viewers were invited to vote for their favorite quilt. What! This is only 1 of 3 or 4 panels of incredibly stunning little quilts. No way could I choose. 

Select quilts will be displayed at the Minskoff Theater on Broadway for the 20th Anniversary Celebration of The Lion King.

I saw The Lion King (quite a few) years ago with my daughters. I think we should go back, to see the quilts and the musical.

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  1. You are lucky to have so many good shows nearby! Love the quilts that you shared!

  2. Andra Rudershausen says

    Darn… I missed a great show! Looks like LOTS of inspiration!

  3. I would love to go, Terry! I haven’t been yet.

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