Another 40 AT Miles

Many times, hiking the Appalachian Trail, I wish I could look back in time. Or find a source that would tell me more about the area I’m walking through. I read that this mill dates back to the Civil War. I wonder about the people who lived here long ago. Was it corn they brought to be milled? Did sons, brothers, husbands, join the army to fight for the rebel cause here in Virginia? 

I think about the folks who live along the Holston river now. How inconvenient for them when the river floods over this bridge. When the water is high, hikers have to walk a blue blazed  trail over a mile to get to a road with a higher bridge, but no problems for us today. 

Gary and I are hiking with our friends, Laura and Tim, near Atkins, Virginia. 

Driving south from Shenandoah on Interstate 81, the red bud trees were in magnificent bloom against a backdrop of lacy green leaves but here in the high ridge elevations, the woods still look like winter.

In this section, the Trail is a narrow corridor, sometimes only an easement a few feet wide through private property. I love meandering across green meadows. 

How many stiles did we have to climb over? Maybe 5 or 6? Only the first one is fun….  definitely enough to appreciate this type of livestock barrier that is easy to walk through for humans. Not so easy for the cattle, goats and sheep to negotiate.

I did spot some early bloodroot flowers.

It’s wonderful to be out hiking on this warm April day. The Trail is a series of gentle climbs and decents over high meadows and through rhododendrons in the woods. I have such a feeling of “coming home.”

I don’t miss that heavy backpack though. Not. One. Bit. 

VA 742 Holston River Bridge to VA 617 Davis Cemetary    10.2 Miles

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  1. Great pictures – love seeing your AT adventures!

  2. Loved it, Terry! And now we are famous!

  3. Loved it, Terry. And now we are famous!

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