Sometimes We Lounge

Warm sun, palm trees, deep blue sky, heated pool. Ahhhh! After lunch at the “other swimming hole” we all relaxed in lounge chairs, working on the tans. (Slathered in #75 sun screen, with hats, sun glasses and SPF 50 cover ups) We’re old. And wise. 

I’ll spare the bathing beauties photo and just say, the hot tub was popular.

The “A Team” cooked a delicious dinner. “B Team” was on clean up. Yep, we are a well oiled (or should I say lubricated!) machine. 

But did we SEW? Heck yes we did. It’s a Quilting get-a-way, after all!

We were not ready, but had to return home after a fantastic few days. We all decided a month is the right amount of time next year, Andra! Susie took this picture at the airport. You can’t believe how many comments we got, carrying our machines through the terminal.  Fellow travelers bonded because they are “Bernina People” too! Notice the machines are OUT of the cases….   Susie’s case was too large for the overhead bin so she took her machine out and carried it on.  Then, the airline lost the checked machine bag! It has since been found after a considerable hassle. 

I thought I was pretty darn clever, 1 bag, everything I need, clothes, project and machine. Fits in the bin, carry on, SWEET.  Note to self: NEVER BRAG AGAIN. 

I sailed through security outbound, no issues at all, even with a rotary cutter and blade! Coming back home, FIASCO.  Sometimes you get the cheese, sometimes the trap snaps on the back of your neck. 

My traveling companions, ahead of me, darted through security. I got a full body pat down. 

Then they grabbed my bag. And UNPACKED everything. Dirty underwear, slightly damp swim suit, draped over my sewing machine– everything out of my meticulously, tightly packed bag, strewn about the security counter. 

It took a long time (nervous because we were late) to swipe the bag and sewing machine for explosive dust– or what ever it is they swipe for. Then there was the pin cushion. Let me say right here. I am seriously concerned with airline safety. And I want the security agents to do their jobs well. 

I do not understand the fascination with these two items. The agent especially looked and looked at the plastic insert for my sewing machine– completely ignoring the foot pedal and machine itself. It’s clear plastic! He turned it every which way, inspected the top, the underside. For a long time. If anyone understands how this could be used for harm by a terrorist, I genuinely want to know. He took the pins out of the pin cushion, but then put them back in and sent machine and pinchusion separately back through the scanner. 

Then I was free to stuff the clothing back in the bag, grab the machine by the handle and run like O.J. Simpson for the gate. 

I remind myself that travel has always been a challenge. Wether by stagecoach or jetliner. Keep a positive attitude, work the problem and roll with the punches. And most importantly, plan the next adventure.

 We had a wonderful trip. Thanks upon thanks to our host, Andra, and to wonderful quilting and adventuring buddies. Sometimes We Do!

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