Sometimes We Kayak

Peggy named our group the “Sometimes We Do Quilt Bee” because when we get together, we don’t always quilt. In the early days, a whole lotta years ago, sometimes we would just sit and talk, help each other solve problems, laugh, and for a few hours, put cares and responsibilities aside. We can always count on each other for support and encouragement and to keep it real. And now– for adventures! Woohoo! Kayaking down the Ichetucknee River!

Show us how it’s done, Peg. 

Jane and Andra chose a canoe.

It was a perfect day for a paddle down the river. Some ducked under the tree trunk, some went around– it’s all good!

Living on the Brandywine River in Pennsylvania, we’re all experienced but this was a different, incredibly beautiful environment. The water was crystal clear, sometimes the river was narrow and shaded, lined with cypress trees.

Sometimes the waters broadened and we paddled through sun warmed stretches, admiring live oaks draped with Spanish moss. 

Andra promised we would see wildlife. Some of us were worried (scardy cats) about meeting alligators and  the manatees have moved on to warmer waters, but turtles were everywhere!

We saw herons, egrets and these black anhingas. No gators, darn.

I didn’t want this river ride to end but we needed to return the kayaks and canoe and drive up to the source.

If you are certified for cave diving , you can scuba dive into the chambers of the Blue Hole, the spring fed source of the river. 

We were very content to jump in, stare down into the clear spring and get the heck out. It would be refreshing during Florida’s scorching summer, but the water is always 72 degrees and chilly enough to take your breath away. 

We know the right way to recover from a cold plunge! What a fantastic day. 

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