Get Outta Town

Snow Storm Stella is in the weather books. And I am so happy to say I missed all the drama. I took this photo from my deck a few days before, thinking, what is the deal with March snow storms?

I think we made a wise decision to trade views! I’m reminded of the lyrics to a song by Judy Collins (whose title I can’t remember.) “When the winter finds you, fly to where it’s summer.”   Works for me!

Gary had no objections and quickly signed up for a spring tune up at the Jack Nicklaus Golf Academy. 

Gary and I are not big fans of The Mouse and usually don’t go in for Disney experiences but we heard there was an Irish Pub at Disney Springs. Good music, step dancing and a (few) Smithwicks. 

It was such a nice evening, a sundowner on the dock was in order.  Whaaat? Seeing this car? boat? Carboat? Boatcar? I swore off all drinking…  Gary tried to convince me this was an actual vehicle. Hah! Gotta be a Disney ride. 

Confirmed. I might be seeing things through a Smithwicks haze, but these are real cars… or boats.  Whatever. 

Here is my question.  If they decided to create an amphibious car, going all James Bond, why didn’t the make it look cool? Although Gary declined a ride, you know he wanted one!

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  1. Stephanie Z Hironimus says

    Ohhh, the Amphicar! They were built in the 1960s. I saw them when we took our daughter to Disney in the fall of 2015 & I was so excited. I think they are cool… thanks for sharing your photos on this cold, wintery day!

  2. Lynne Laino says

    Not fans of The Mouse????? Gasp!!!!!

    These cars were really a thing back in the day. This must be a new thing at Disney, we must check this out on our next trip to see Mickey! That little white one is adorable!!

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