Is It Spring Yet?

No, these gorgeous sunflowers and roses did not come from my garden….(what garden?) My mother sent them for my birthday. She knew I’d need a serious dose of color, returning to gray, dark winter days, after the vibrant fiesta of Mexico. I’ve been carrying the vase from room to room with me,  I love them so much!

So what does a quilter do to ward off a bad case of “the grays?” Get Thee to a Quilt Shop!

Karen and Susie and I headed to The Old Country Store in Lancaster for a FART. That’s Fabric Acquisition Road Trip, in quilt-speak. 

The next challenge for the Sometimes We Do Quilt Bee, is to make a quilt using Kaffe Fasset  fabrics. The Old Country Store has an entire corner stocked with crazy riots of colorful “Kaffe’s!” I was completely overwhelmed.

Not Karen and Susie! Lookout customers– fabric started flying all over the place! With laser focus they both pulled out patterns and started selecting bolts and blending colors. No purple was overlooked, no striped fabric ignored. It was impressive to watch as I stood by, empty handed, slack-jawed, breathing through my mouth. 

So I didn’t buy a single Kaffe Fasset fabric.  I’ll go back another day when I can focus on that collection. I’ve been commissioned to make a quilt and I had the client send me paint chips to help match her colors. 

Those little squares were cut into the chips and the “windows” made it easy to audition fabrics. It was a good day! I found just what I needed and I’m excited to get started cutting and sewing. I had fun shopping and lunching with friends and I have another FART to look forward to.  Once I figure out how to select those crazy Kaffe fabrics. 

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  1. I love playing with paint chip cards….but not as much as fabric. I’m looking forward to seeing your project with these colors. Spring colors…but I’m still awaiting the big snow storm. Maybe skiing in Utah will scratch that itch but it is not the same as being snowbound.

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