Can I just say, I do care about the polar ice caps melting. I do, really, but a string of 70 degree days in February! Awesome! I’ve been enjoying walking at Longwood Gardens in short sleeves, seeing and hearing signs of Spring everywhere. I know, I know– we might have a bomber snow storm yet, and pay the price of flowers blooming too early. But I’m riding this high for as long as it lasts!

These tiny blooms are only an inch high. The larger crocus are are just starting to send up green shoots. 

Crocus blocks are blooming in my studio tho.  I’m working on a commissioned quilt that I can’t wait to share. It’s got a ways to go yet. 

It’s a good thing I have colorful flowers to work on because I am so tempted by these snow drops. Remember I can’t let myself make another white flower quilt until I complete a project with colored flowers. Workin’ on it! Snow drops are everywhere at Longwood, I’ve never seen so many. 

Linda Kemshall painted this lovely watercolor of a snow drop. She is an amazing fiber artist as well. I wish she would make a quilt with snow drops on it. 

Walking the meadow yesterday, my eyes scanned the tree line for that first faint wash of pink bud color. Surely it is at least a month away! I saw an eastern bluebird, scouting for a nesting box. I listened to a red winged blackbird sing and heard what I call, The One Note Bird– that I have never seen so can’t identify. I saw blades of skunk cabbage, camouflaged deep in brown leaves. I bet the peeper frogs are getting ready to tune up. I can’t wait!

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  1. So excited to see a bit of the crocus quilt. Absolutely lovely!!!!

  2. Stephanie Zelonis Hironimus says

    Do you think your ‘one note bird’ could be a male cardinal? You may already know what they sound like & think I’m crazy for asking.. but I love that sound in my back yard. When I hear it, I know my beloved, late father is checking in on us! I just love this spring weather too!

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