Name Game

What’s in a name? A friggin’ lotta work. That’s what! Several years ago I invested in a professional stand to hold my portfolio pieces at art shows. They want your name “prominently displayed” so every time, I experimented with attaching some kind of paper sign. They all tore off before the end of the show.

Well heck. I’m a fiber artist, right? I should make a permanent, tear free, name tag. Added bonus, that would be a clue to what the art is about, for those good enough to browse through the portfolio. I grabbed some strips and flip-sewed them onto batting, adding some quilting lines.

I loosely traced the printed letters onto freezer paper. 

I ironed the letters on fabric that was backed with fusible web. Yeah, I KNOW — spell my name right, for pity sakes!

Job done! I used black fabric and Velcro to make a tab that attaches around the gap where the handle is. How can such a small thing take so long? I didn’t even dither and obsess about it, but the afternoon was gone before I finished. Oh well, I won’t have to do it again. 

On to much more fun things! I am finishing up these ravens on cradled wood frames. They are to hang in the “Mini Room” along with the trillium pieces I’ve already done, at the Malvern Retreat House Art Show in February. 

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  1. I’m so glad you spelled your name right. Once & done, dare I say ‘nevermore’? Nice job on the ravens. I like the cross background. I wish you well at Malvern!

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