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Our time in Quintana Roo has come to an end. Gary thinks 2 weeks is the perfect length of time for a vacation. I’m pretty sure I could vacation full time, forever! I managed to read 4 books while relaxing by the pool. “At the Edge of the Orchard” by Tracy Chevalier, “Lone Wolf” by Linwood Barclay, “The Lake House” by Kate Morton and “Kindred” by Octavia Butler. Is there anything better than lazing and reading with a tall, cold drink?

It wasn’t all sloth, however. We needed to work up an appetit for the guacamole and chips, you know. We kayaked and snorkeled down the river and also paddled up the rivers from the beach. The current in all the rivers at Tres Rios is so strong that I can’t swim against it for long but I was surprised to find that we could paddle the kayak up. 

Imagine floating on your back, looking up through palm fronds and mangrove branches, sunlight warm on your face and the cool water current floating your body effortlessly to the ocean. I think about ancient Mayan people, taking a break from all that temple building. 

The Yucatán peninsula is porous and the rivers flow underground. Sometimes they carve a hole in the surface rock– a cenote, Spanish for “swimmin’ hole!” The guides say this Cenote Orquideas, is covered with fragrant blooming white orchids in June and July. I would so love to see the flowers cascading down towards the water!

Standing at the edge, the water was so crystal clear I could see the deep, sandy white bottom, steep sides and silver fish darting. I stood on the rocks and dove in. The water is refreshingly chilly at first. How amazing to be in this lovely spot, enjoying a swim, all on our own. I’m grateful there were no bystanders to watch us getting out! Exiting a cenote is much harder than diving into a cenote! After several unsuccessful attempts, Gary and I were gurgling and splashing and laughing hysterically. I’ll just say the final technique got us out of the water, but it wasn’t pretty.

We said good by to our new friend. I’ll miss this coatimundi, hoping for a bite of breakfast every morning. It’s back to the real world today.

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  1. Sounds wonderful!

  2. It looks heavenly and warm!

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