Hiking The Balds on the Appalachian Trail in Tennessee? No, actually this beautiful nature preserve is less than 10 miles from my house. I do have “Hike the Balds” on my short list for this year, tho. 

My friend Andra told me about Cheslan Nature Preserve. Sunny and 50 degreees on New Years Day called for a walk to start the year right. There were lots of folks out with the same idea. Those stacks of hay blocks were huge. 

There are numerous trails at Cheslan. Gary and I chose a loop that dipped down into the woods and winds along the west branch of the Brandywine River. 

Then back up the hill into the sun for sweeping views of the countryside in all directions.

Cheslan Preserve is one of the largest private nature preserves in southeastern Pennsylvania. How is it I didn’t know about this?  Starting a new year is contemplative. I used to make Resolutions, but year after year, they always seemed to be the same old things. It works better to think about what I would like to accomplish.  You know, concrete goals and all that. I do have a list of things but I also want to think about how I want to live. I want be adventurous, learn things, seek new areas and experiences, and explore-starting in my own back yard. 

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  1. Andra H Rudershausen says

    You took my favorite trail!! Down hill shed worries, through the woods enjoy nature and think about things you would like
    to do. Up hill, on with life’s challenges…that’s how I think of it!! Trust an English major to make hiking into something it
    doesn’t need to be….

  2. Well put. All this resolution talk in blogs & in life is making me nervous & unsettled for some reason. I think I’m going to just make ‘to be more focused’ as my overall goal. Boom! Said. Now to follow through.

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