Rainy Day

Yesterday it rained all day. I’m not a fan of rain. I’ve spent too much time outdoors in cold drizzly rain, pounding down soaking rain, warm sweaty rain. It’s just all too wet for me. If I’m indoors, it’s dark and gloomy and I feel claustrophobic. What gets me out of this funk is permission to sew all day! I decided to take the first top from the “to be quilted” stack and put it on my longarm frame and get the job done.

 I’m sure not feelin’ this drab top. 

I’d much rather play with some bright colors and my new fabric from the “Thicket” line by Gingiber. I need to make a new sample for my Pieced Quilting In Layers class and this Moda fabric is just the ticket. (sorry…I couldn’t resist)

I was thinking about a checkerboard using the black and white. The little class sample quilts only have 25 blocks. Maybe too busy?

I think I like the mostly white fabrics by themselves better.

The prints in the Thicket line are white, whites. I have some cream whites and gray whites to mix in so it doesn’t look so “just one fabric line” matchy.

The threads are really going to pop on the quilted blocks. This is going to be fun to sew on a rainy day. 

I also made white bean and kale soup and baked bread. The house was filled with delicious, warm aroma. If you think the bread tasted crazy, insane, wicked good– you would be exactly right.

I got this book from the library and made the basic recipe. All you do is mix up the flour, water, yeast and salt. Put the whole glob in the fridge overnight– or a few weeks–whatever. When you want bread, preheat the oven, grab up a ball of dough, bake.  What? No kneading? Proofing? Raising? Punching down? Whole lotta work and fallderall? 

I know! I didn’t believe it either. I might have to buy the book, but that would be dangerous. Gary has unlimited capacity for fresh baked bread, hot from the oven. Yeah, me too. Maybe I could only bake bread on rainy days. Sew all day and bake bread, this could be an attitude change. I’m checking the forecast. 

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  1. Bread sounds yummy & sooooo easy. Yes, Jay & I would eat the whole thing too. Love the little pops of color in that checkerboard. Use those bright color threads to quilt the drab one & just have fun quilting it.

  2. That bread sounds amazing! I might need to try. Did you piece the ‘drab’ quilt? Is it for one of your girls? It is fun to see the pix as your thoughts evolve on the next class sample. I like the lower contrast better than the checkerboard earlier option.

  3. Donna Hallowell Thomas says

    I LOVE the green and blue fabrics and thread!!! I think you should do a quilt with just those fabrics!! And I’m going to need you to share the recipe for the bread! Fresh bread that easy…me need!!! Have a great weekend.

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