Greylock Redux

There is a saying hikers on the Appalachian Trail use frequently. Hike Your Own Hike. Or HYOH, for short. You could backpack with food and cook kit, sleeping bag, tent, and all necessities. I have hiked many miles, backpacking. Or you could call a taxi to drive you up to the top of Mt. Greylock! 

On this beautiful Columbus Day, I’m taking the easy way, taxi up, saunter down the mountain to our car in the valley in North Adams, Massachusetts.  Lots of people are at the summit memorial and Bascom Lodge, enjoying a picnic and the incredible view. 

The Appalachian Trail starts down very steeply. We see lots of families carrying babies, trailing kids. I followed a lady, dressed in a skirt, struggling in slip on flat-type shoes, carrying her purse. Heck! I’m seriously watching my step in good boots, using hiking poles. I wonder if she knows the parking lot is 3 miles down? Or will she turn around at some point and struggle back up…with her purse?

It’s pretty darn cold too. I have on a down jacket and just took off my gloves and stocking hat.

Sometimes the trail is covered with red leaves, sometimes it’s all bright yellow and gold. 

This viewpoint was a great spot for our lunch break but too cold to linger long. Back into the woods for the final descent which was really steep down without switchbacks and nothing but rocks of all sizes. Where were those lovely, gentle meadows? Like the other side of the mountain? My knees are screaming and I’ve twisted my ankles numerous times and it is very slow going. So much for that “just saunter down” concept. 

Greylock Summit to Pattison Road   5.2 miles 

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  1. Beautiful! Were you solo this time?

  2. Andra H Rudershausen says

    Will have Ice Packs ready for your knees and promise level travelling in quilt shops….hahaha. Andra

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