Biking Serendipity 

Here in Southeastern Pennsylvania it’s July in October. Record breaking hot and muggy days. Pretty nice weather for biking, tho. 

My friend Ginger told me about the Pomeroy bike trail near Newark, Delaware. I hiked some trails in White Clay Creek Preserve when my son Tyler was a student at University of Delaware, but I didn’t know there was a Rail Trail.

It’s just beautiful. Parts of the Trail are along the banks of the creek. 

Not all the Trail is cinder ballast, there are a few rough areas but nothing our hybrid bikes couldnt handle. I loved this flat meadow. 

Driving to White Clay Creek, I texted Ginger to ask where to park at the trailhead. We hadn’t planned to meet up, but she and her husband, Dave, were biking! Trail serendipity!

Gary had a big smile because, not only was there a beer at Klondike Kate’s waiting for him, but a nice lunch with friends.

If we hadn’t met Ginger and Dave, we could have had lunch at this great Farmers Market. (Gary did point out–no beer.) I wanted a big basket on my bike to carry some vegetables and breads and cupcakes and salsa and cheeses, pumpkins and mums…I love Farmers Markets.

I can’t figure out why the ride back is always faster than the ride out. Maybe I was just mellow after a rest and lunch and conversation. And a few sips of cold beer.

Thanks Ginger! Great introduction to the Pomeroy Rail Trail and riding with you and Dave was icing on the cake. Quilting friends that like to ride bikes. That’s pretty special. 

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  1. If I said this brought a tear to my eye, I’d be only partly lying.

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