PNQE Wrap Up

I was thrilled to see that blue ribbon hanging next to Becket Mountain Trilliums. I won Best Interpretation of Theme. Interesting, because I had to look up what the theme was! The show book says the theme, “Evolving,” showcases the industry’s evolution into the 21st Century. Humm…Ok then!

I thought I would share the comments of the judges, Karen Boutte and Robbi Joy Eklow, .

+ Wonderful fusion of modern and art quilt techniques.

+ Beautiful complimentary color scheme.

I was especially interested to read the remarks about Bike Love, also hanging at the show, because I knew the quilt had issues and I wanted to see what the judges focused on. 

+ A successful example of the modern quilting aesthetic.

+ Pleasing composition.

+ Details enjoyable, especially the quilted spokes.

I’m surprised! I promise I didn’t leave out any “negative” remarks. Personally, I appreciate constructive critique but I think the judges really strive to give positive feedback. I was worried that the wheels looked like blank circles and the spokes needed more definition. I love the look of the multi-colored, pieced binding but it needs to be tighter. I used my Quilting In Layers technique, but I’ve never had such a large background area without additional appliqué and quilting. 

I am grateful to the judges, taking time to record evaluations of the quilts entered. There is always something to learn. Judging is subjective, of course, but it is valuable to see your quilt in the context of the other quilts in the same category. Now if I could just read everybody else’s comments, too!

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  1. So well deserved Terry–Love it and I must say you always leave such comical comments that I end up having a permanent smile on my face for the day.
    The bike is just as special in its own way too adding a modern spin and feel. Thank you for posting your progress along the way while you making it– it is always fun to see the process!

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