Mt. Greylock

Wow. I’ve been asking, where is fall? I guess we skipped it and went straight to winter. It is freezing this morning. This mist rising from the lake in Cheshire was beautiful. Gary and I are being driven up to the top of Mt. Greylock by the Cookie Lady so we can walk down. Pretty sweet, huh.

We are hiking pretty fast and I have a fleece and long sleeves on but it’s still cold and I am loving it. Gary is whining about cold fingers and needing gloves.

You never really know what it will be like, hiking the Appalachian Trail. Today the Trail is a lovely downhill run. There are bog bridges and a soft, pine needle carpeted path.  The steeper down sections have gentle switchbacks, some beautiful stone stairways and a few wooden steps. 

And meadows. I love meadows. Maybe even more than waterfalls. This type of hiking on a glorious, blue sky day, no sweat, no bugs, just bliss, makes me contemplative and greatful.

I wonder if hiking down the other side of Mt. Greylock into North Adams will be as pleasurable. I hope so. I won’t find out tomorrow because we have to drive home today. Just about 16 miles hiked on this quick trip.  618.1 left to go.

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