Cradled Wood Frames

Yup. That looks like a big mess. I’ve been invited to show my work at a fine arts show next February. The show has a “Mini Art” room and artists are requested to provide pieces 9 x 12 inches or smaller. The small pieces are very popular and sell quickly. The art is affordable and people might only have room for something small.

So I am sorting through my saved bits of fabric too beautiful to throw away, and stripping some backgrounds. Just for interest, I fused organza leaves and curled ferns and quilted with variegated and sparkly threads. 

I cut a window in a file folder to arrange the composition, otherwise I end up trimming off the design to fit the size. I hate that when that happens. Words are said, not good words.

You knew there would be trilliums! I can free-cut petals and leaves from fused fabric to arrange on my quilted backgrounds. 

Before stitching on the flowers.

After stitching, they really have dimension.

I bought cradled wood frames from Cheap Joe’s Art Supply and painted them flat black. My plan is to mount the little quilts on the frames. I’d like to have something a bit different in the Mini Art room and these quilts are tiny– only 6 x 8 inches. We all know what quilts that small are called– pot holders and mug coasters. 

I faced the edge on the quilt on the left.  Hate it. I tried a very narrow binding on the one on the right. I like it much better. Sigh. Darn, more work.

Nine little quilts finished. This took days! I didn’t plan on how labor-intensive these would be.

It’s hard to get a good photo of the finished product. I really like the way the wood frame adds presence to fiber art.

The cradled wood allows the artwork to project against the wall for a nice effect.

Signed, titled and numbered and ready for hanging. If, per chance, you would like to have one, email me, shipping included, anywhere in the U.S. for $95.

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  1. Michele blesy says:


  2. LOVELY! Keep going.

  3. Suzanne Ramsay says:

    They are beautiful. I find you and your work inspiring. Thank you for sharing. How do you attach them to the frames? Do you per and y glue them or perhaps Velcro them to be able to clean them?

  4. Lynne Laino says:

    Those red trilliums are just so strikingly beautiful!!!

  5. Andra H Rudershausen says:

    Well done you. Andra

  6. Ellen McMillen says:

    Beautiful Terry! Love the way you’ve mounted them.

  7. love them!!

  8. Love these. They will sell like hot cakes!

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