Two Away 

Have you ever made two quilts exactly alike?  The first quilt was fun. The second…..aaarrrghhh! My little granddaughters came for a quick visit and it was the perfect motivation I needed to get the binding sewn on. Whoohoo! Two Bonnie Hunter quilts done and sent off to their new home. I quilted their names in the stitching, along with stars, hearts, flowers– love MomMom, anything that came to mind. It was fun to play games finding things in the fabrics. 

The table and chairs were meant for dolls. I can’t believe the girls can sit on them! 

We needed to move off the quilt when real tea, milk and cookies came into play. Also a dress code was strictly enforced. 

We had a fun weekend. I miss them so much!

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  1. How sweet! They are getting so big!

  2. Christine says

    A lot of love and beauty in this post!

  3. So adorable. I have made 2 of the same quilts and it was agonizing and it didn’t have nearly as many pieces as those scrap quilts.

  4. Susie Racobaldo says

    So so cute. Grand children would be the only motivation to get those made❤️ They are beautiful

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