Milford Valley

I had such a nice time with the Milford Valley Quilters. A few years ago I visited the Guild and did the Appliqué Quilting in Layers workshop. Rita brought her finished Tulip quilt to show. 

Aren’t these sunflowers beautiful. I love it when quilters add their own design to personalize their projects. I wish I had taken photos of the quilts in progress in the Piecing class. I always get involved and forget to pull out the camera. I think there will be some lovely and individual quilts with interesting techniques. 

Milford, Pennsylvania is located very close to the upper Delaware River. Many (many) years ago, when Gary and I first moved East after college graduation, we drove up with our canoe to explore. We wanted to canoe camp for a few days and planned to rent a car to shuttle the canoe upriver, only to find out that, you can’t rent a car when you’re 22 years old! I remember walking around Port Jervis, talking someone into giving us a ride up to Narrowsburg with the canoe. 

No canoe this trip, but Gary joined me after the Guild activities and we enjoyed the memories, driving up to the view at Hawks Nest. I left all the decisions to him and he selected dinner at Bar Louis at Hotel Fauchere. He couldn’t resist the dry aged steak made famous by the former chef at Delmonico’s restaurant in Manhattan. We shared–it was delicious. 

On the way home we drove along the river through Delaware Water Gap National Park. We had inches of rain all week so waterfalls would be raging torrents. 

The Silver Thread waterfall was gorgeous. 

Dingmans Falls didn’t disappoint us with water flow. 

Of course we walked all the stairs to the top!

I love the view from the top, the roar of the water and the power is mesmerizing. I think there are over 30 fairly major water falls in this area and I haven’t seen them all. A return trip is definitely in order. 

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  1. Christine says

    Love the sunflower quilt. I, too, love it when a student steps out on their own. I did not realized that the DE water Gap is a national park! So much for being a native Pennsylvanian! My father had a way of singing Dingman’s Ferry…I’ve never been there but it is in my memory bank.

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