Lone Star

A Lone Star is on my bucket list of quilts I’d like to make. This beautiful top was made by Peggy in Barbara Cline‘s  Twirling Swirling Dance class at Mid-Appalachian Quilt Conference. 

Dark blue thread shows too much on the yellow so light blue thread wins.

Peggy requested that I quilt her top with the same design as Barbara’s class sample. The lines radiating from the center aren’t half circles– more of a hook and then gradual swirl to the edge. How am I going to do that?

See that hot pink line? I loaded the photo of the instructor’s quilt into the Skitch App on my iPad and traced one of the quilting lines. 

Using the photo as a reference and a flexible curve ruler, I sketched the line on tracing paper on top of the quilt. 

I transferred the tracing paper shape to freezer paper so I could iron the template onto the quilt top so it wouldn’t shift. 

I measured off one inch increments and made tick marks along each edge. 

I lined the top of my shape at the quilt center and the bottom with the edge tick mark and used a white chalk pencil to draw a very light line, working my way around the quilt. 

This is the back view. It took several rolls of my bars to complete a long quilting line. Why didn’t I get the larger machine, I ask myself? It wouldn’t fit in my room is a dumb answer–walls can be moved!

I love this quilting design for a lone star quilt. I’m saving the freezer paper template for when I make my quilt. Not holding my breath, tho. Thanks for the stretch, Peggy!

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  1. Wow that took a lot of math……..!

  2. Andra H Rudershausen says:

    Very cool improv on the quilting template! I agree with Peggy that was a fun, albeit challenging way
    to quilt the block. Now I need to stop vacationing and get moving on my challenge projects…..

  3. Dee Van Ingen says:

    Beautiful quilt top and your long arm quilting is absolutely PERFECt! AWESOME work!!!

  4. Ellen McMillen says:

    Beautiful work! You’re very clever Terry.

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