It’s amazing how much quilting you can accomplish when you cower in the air conditioning all day. All I need to do is sew on the sleeve and label and the bike quilt is finished. 

I had a little indecision on the tire quilting.  I first quilted right on the turned edge, the same as the frame. It was ok but I kept thinking about a decorative stitch on my machine that looked like tire tread. After much testing and more indecision, I took out all the straight edge stitching and used the specialty stitch. I’m not sure it’s better– but it is done!

The days and days of 90 plus degree heat we have had, has caused all the ponds in Longwood Gardens to go completely green with an overgrowth of algae. Longwood uses different methods to combat this, such as chemicals, adding dark dye, plant eating fish, submerging hay bales. 

I’ve never seen them round it up before. It looked like an effective treatment but was a nasty job. Those workers emerged looking like Green Man. 

I love this harvest season and have been eating gorgeous fresh produce every day as well as roasting tomatoes and making pesto.

I have a studio mascot. Darling grand-dog, Bella is visiting while Kira is away. She doesn’t mind the sound of my longarm machine which is a good thing since I have been quilting for customers. 

I have my Quick Curve quilt loaded on the frame. I’m doing the “stand and stare” method of waiting for inspiration to come. This will be a good project for a hot weekend. 

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  1. I agree with Holly, mine are mute too! It seems like the bike quilt went together fast, great quilting too!

  2. Leslie Skibo says

    Love love love the bike quilt! the colors and quilting are beautiful!! Good job Terry!

  3. Holly Rutkowski says

    I have that stand and state process down pat. Can last for days. I keep remembering Barbara Persing saying your quilts will talk to you. But mine are usually mute.

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