Embrace the Orange

A student in my Appliqué in Layers class had a gorgeous selection of orange batiks. I told her I had very few orange fabrics in my stash. She said, “You have to embrace the orange!”

I have made quilts with orange tiger lilies. This is a small wall hanging I made to remind myself of the quilt selected for the American Embassy Program. The original quilt returned from hanging in the embassy in Kigali, Rowanda very faded. I knew it would happen because the sun is so strong there. I’m ok with that. I feel the muted colors now add to the quilt’s provenance.

I’ve wanted to make a quilt with these trumpet flowers for a long time. I’ve been collecting orange fabrics. It’s the leaves that look difficult and I am thinking about how to simplify them, but stay true to the form. 

I also made this orange tulip quilt. I’m bringing it to my class at Mid-Appalachian Quilt Conference. For a preview into the process, I blogged about making the quilt in this post. Oh, and if you’d like to join us, there are still two spots left, even though the web site says class is full.

I don’t have to search for orange inspiration at Longwood Gardens. There are whole beds of flowers and foliage in every shade of orange. 

The meadow is adorned with butterfly bush — and orange monarch butterflies, their wings fluttering too fast for a photo. I am loving embracing the orange!

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  1. I have embraced orange after I discovered it was the complementary color to my favorite color, blue. It just makes quilts pop!

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