Dense and Dainty 

I’ve admired Margaret Soloman Gunn’s quilts for a long time. This is Jester’s Folly, pieced with hand-dyed silk Radiance.

The stitching is done with 100 weight silk thread that shows the quilting line and defines the design so beautifully. 

Here is another example of Margaret’s detailed quilting. When I saw that she was teaching a class at Quilt Odyssey, I jumped at the chance to learn from this master quilter. 

This is the class sample from Dense and Dainty Fillers. I can’t remember the size of the squares– maybe 4 inches. I rarely do “fills” in my own quilting so I wanted to try my hand at something new. 

Margaret gave us an overview of the designs and then half of the class tried stitching at the machines. 

We worked on designs from printed cards, then traded to try different sets of motifs. 

This type of quilting requires intense concentration. 

And a whole lotta practice. I’m just guessing here, but I’d estimate hundreds and hundreds of hours. Clearly, my quilting is far from dense and dainty. Hah! 

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  1. Christine says

    Fair & unbiased review. I’ve been practicing. Nailing dainty, not so dense!

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