Center Squares

The title of this post could have been “Back to Square One- Again.” I decided I didn’t like the dark outer border. So I worked on thinking about the center squares for the lighter gray inner blocks. 

I fussy cut a whole lot of squares from the bike fabric and pinned them to almost all the blocks. 

It looked like a storm of Chinese confetti blew onto the quilt!

I’m getting a little (a little?) crazy with this fussy cutting. I took all the center squares off the dark border blocks. Still don’t like ’em.

The blocks should have been light gray on the bottom of the wheels so I’ll switch those out. Easily done. 

I took off all the “confetti” bits and just used a few center squares, cut from the bicycle wheels. Less is more– I like it better. I also edge stitched the tires with invisible thread using a blind hem stitch. The edges on the bike frame can be done with a straight quilting stitch when I add the backing.  Today I am concentrating on the border. 

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  1. Donna Hallowell Thomas says

    I really like it!!! Good changes!!

  2. Andra H Rudershausen says

    Can’t wait to see this finished! So darn fun…. or… are you still having fun? xoAndra

  3. Ann williams says

    Very cool🚲

  4. Terry, I love your bike and your sharing the creative progress it took to create your Freedom Chaser. I hope you will be producing a pattern for your Freedom Chaser. I would purchase your pattern. I want to make a Freedom Chaser to hand over my sewing/quilting table to remind me to get outside and pedal my neighborhood. Jane

  5. Thanks for sharing your progress and also your frustrations- I like the changed wheels better. Have you tried putting the light grey/white that you’ve used in the middle as squares in the dark border?


    Great job Terry; the bike is so realistic, we could just throw a leg over & ride away! Ahhhaaaa–free spirited once again. My last bike was a beach bike in VA. Beach, I cleaned it up & gave it to an 11 yro for Christmas under St. Greg’s Angel Tree. It was only a couple of months old & the newness was still there.

    Will you post a pattern for Your Freedom Chaser or shall we wing it? You’ve great mental acuity.

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