Bike Quilt Progress

I’m making progress on my bike quilt. I took off the dark border blocks that looked so heavy and confining.  Now I could stand outside Starbucks for a few hours and give away squares for mug rugs. Do you think they would give me a free latte?

I like the lighter gray fabrics much better. It’s ironic– usually my problem is not enough contrast.  

Ok. Just as an aside. How the heck do you spell gray anyway? Gray? Grey? Whichever way I type it, the dang spell check changes it to the opposite spelling! I looked it up in the dictionary and they list both spellings.  I had this problem recently with “Pittsburgh.” Do we really need that “h”? Apparently spell check doesn’t think so. 

(Mini-spell check rant now finished.)   Before I sewed the border row of blocks to the quilt, I decided to try something new. Have you ever applied a double fold binding to the quilt edge, before adding the backing? Whaaat? Me either! But I thought it might be easier to apply this pieced binding, without having to wag around a heavy quilt. 

Wow. This was difficult. Like, don’t try this at home difficult, unless you are a Trained Professional Sewist. It took concentration, motivation and slavish attention to get all those seams to line up. And most of a whole day. All the border blocks were sewed on, with applied binding, as the final rows, on each side

I layered a pieced backing and quilted in the ditch through all the grid lines, horizontal and vertical.

Being careful not to cut the binding, I trimmed the backing even with the edge of the quilt.

I turned the folded edge of the binding to the back, and glue-basted it down with Elmer’s Washable School Glue. Now the binding is ready for hand sewing. Selecting a color of thread will be challenging. I will also miter the corners. That wasn’t my original plan, but I cut the darn blasted edges too close to turn under. Not such a Trained Professional, after all, huh.

I have to say, this binding was a whole lotta work and I won’t be doing it again any time soon, but it looks really cool! And, it’s done! I am very thankful the quilt only has 4 sides. One more would have done me in.

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  1. Wow you are almost done, that was fast!
    I am never sure how to spell it either……

  2. Andra H Rudershausen says

    LOVE the lighter gray…grey….I so have the exact problem with spelling that word. Every time I convince myself one way is the preferred,
    I decide the other way looks more correct. AND LOVE the bright colors in the binding. I think this will be a prize winner. It’s already
    Best of Show in my book. xoAndra

  3. Susie Racobaldo says

    Love it. It looks amazing👏🏻👏🏻. Love the binding

  4. Christine says

    WOW! Then lighter grey/gray borders works so well. It doesn’t fence in the bike. Good eyes to study that &’pick up,what it needed. The binding?? OMG OMG OMG? I think there was some hidden math there. I’m so glad you didn’t cut the binding when you cut the backing. But the telling of your resulting baldness would have been hilarious. This quilt will be great to show at MAQ.

  5. Terry,
    I love your finish bike quilt with the lighter grays border and the wonderful pieced binding of various colors fabrics.
    Another Great quilt! I can’t wait to see what you do next. I need to get back to finishing my tulip quilt I started in a
    workshop with you. I think I now have enough various hues of orange red to finish it.

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