Steeling the Show 

Lele Galer’s sculpture “Steel Heart.”

Gary and I spent a very interesting and enjoyable evening last night at Galer Winery. “Steeling the Show” was a garden party to benefit the Oxford Art Alliance (OxAA), a nonprofit community organization for advocacy of the arts and culture. Sixteen artists exhibited their sculptures.

It’s always great to hear some live music, provided by Oxford Alliance music instructors. 

Gary really liked the piece “Planting Time” by Rob Sigafoos. This artist was my favorite because many of the sculptures shown referenced botanical themes. (Darn good with the “art speak,” huh!) Unfortunately this sculpture did not follow us home. 

The organizers could not have selected a more perfect night to dine outside in view of the vineyard. We shared a table with Jim and Emily and took turns making forays to the delicious dinner selections provided by Brandywine Prime. I’m so glad the desert offerings aren’t in the photo– I had one of each. 

In keeping with the steel and sculpture theme, the featured artist, Ellen Durkan, showed fashion design, combining the art of metal and blacksmithing. And maybe something else I can’t begin to define…  Can’t say I’ll be hanging any of those “outfits” in my closet any time soon. But how interesting to see how an artist interprets her medium. Kind of Steampunk minus the fabric! 

The artist, Ellen, modeled her own creation. The audience really enjoyed seeing something quite different. Did I mention there was wine available? We certainly availed ourselves and had a fun and unusual evening. 

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  1. Christine says

    What a fun & fascinating evening. I’m sure the sponsors would love your review.

  2. Amazing outfits! Looks like it would be painful to sit.

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