“Is she ever going to get back to quilting?” Yes! I am in the studio and all I want to do is sew and quilt and play with my fabric. I feel so inspired by my hiking and biking trips. It’s time to get to work on something new. I can’t get these gorgeous phlox out of my mind. The play of light and dark purples against the deep, dark greens of the foliage would make a stunning quilt. 

I even have a head start with a stack of blocks I made at our Bonnie Hunter sewing day. I’m not sure what to do with the lighter fabrics yet, I just know I’m going to need them. Since I sewed the blocks without thinking about a pattern, this is going to require research and thought. 

While I was coasting down the bike trail, I was thinking about making a bike quilt using my Quilting in Layers technique. Not much research needed to get a good image.

That super fun bike fabric I bought at Kelly Ann’s Quilting shop in Warrenton, Virginia has been begging to be used. 

Bike quilt wins! There are some design and composition issues to work out, but I’m so impatient to cut and sew, I’m jumping in. Hey, I did test out one block! And there are lots of “plain” blocks to fill in before the more complicated ones. That’s something I love about Quilting in Layers. It can be a linear process, but it doesn’t have to be. I can sew, quilt, appliqué, design in any order. It fits the way my brain works. Open to serendipity!

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  1. Christine says

    The bike will be so very different from your others with flowers. Keep going. I can’t wait to see it developing and then finished. Funny that you have the string pieces for other quilt started. One of first brainless thing I packed was to do some string piecing in Poconos.

  2. Leslie Skibo says

    can’t wait to see this!

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