Quilting Getaway

My friend Kelly, over at Pinkadot Quilts, posted a photo on her blog, of her studio in the midst of packing projects to work on at a quilting getaway. I haven’t packed yet because I have been working on my bike quilt– obsessively — there isn’t any room to walk, much less get out more fabric to pack up. 

This is how I organize my fabrics. Yikes! I hope students signed up for my classes at Mid-appalachian Quilt Conference don’t hastily withdraw. I really am more organized than this mess.   

Kelly also posed the question, “How many projects do you bring to work on at a getaway?”

Well, so far, I do have one… Thanks to this cute fabric pack I bought at Quilt Ledger on Friday. I think my grandsons might like a blue quilt with owls. 

What would a quilting getaway be without something chocolate?

We all know it’s essential to have choices. Quilters say, color gets all the glory but contrast does the work. So I brought red and white for good contrast. 

I think I got the important stuff. 

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  1. Lynne Laino says

    You just crack me up Terry!

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