Father’s Day

It’s nice to stretch Father’s Day into a few days. Our trip to East Hampton, Long Island, began with a trip to see the Montauk Point Lighthouse. This was the first lighthouse built in New York State. During the Revolutionary War, the British occupied Long Island and kept watch fires burning as beacons for their ships blockading Long Island Sound. After the war, President George Washington authorized a lighthouse to be built in 1792 to safeguard ships and promote international trade. 

I love lighthouses! Of course we climbed to the top to see the spectacular view. 

Pretty sweet to have your daughter take you fishing! The chair is for me. Somebody has to do the official watching and I’m the right person for the job. 

This would be the hard, strenuous way. 

This would be the easy, relaxed way.

Unfortunately, neither method caught any fish but who cares. There was time spent with Kira, a gorgeous sunset and a bottle of chilled rose’ wine. Who needs fish?

They don’t give up easily– fishermen…or fisherwomen. A chartered boat trip with Captain Bob the next day increased the chances for success. Striped bass would be a nice prize and the competition for those holding the rods is fierce. I have added referee to my duty roster.

Yea Kira! She caught the first blue fish. 

I reeled in this sea robin. What a strange fish– it looks like it has wings and it makes a grunting noise. We caught too many of these “trash” fish and Captain Bob was kept busy throwing them back. 

We didn’t get any stripers, but two nice blue fish for dinner were delicious on the grill.

Gary is enjoying a perfect start to Father’s Day with an omelette and a mimosa. 

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads! I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing and enjoyable day.  

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  1. This post brought a smile on my face. They always do! I had never known of a sea robin, let alone seen one. They are beautiful!

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