I have been on the road! Unpack the big suitcase– pack little suitcase– unpack little suitcase–pack overnight bag– chuck overnight bag in the corner– pack backpack. Whew, catchup is always hard. I recently checked out this quilt shop my friend Andra told me about in Warrenton, Virginia. 

When I paid for my purchase, the shop owner remarked “That’s an eclectic selection of fabrics.” Yep, that’s me– eclectic. I actually have an idea for the cool bicycle fabric that I just had to have. The other fabrics, I have no clue. But they’re pretty!

I came to Warrenton to give a lecture and teach a class for Haymarket Quilt Guild. Warrenton holds a special place in my heart because it’s just about the first time you get a good view of the mountains on the drive to Shenandoah National Park. I’ve been coming to the Park for so long. Forty something years ago, a two lane highway with tiny roadside, cottage motels and fruit stands was the scene. How different it is now!

This quilter had a colorful start on her Quilting in Layers project. 

It is so fun for me to see what fabrics are chosen. The variation is endless in the Piecing class. I think this quilter has plans for a sylvan look– I know I’m going to be inspired. 

I love the vertical orientation of both the fabric direction and the blocks. I think this quilter has a special spot in mind to enjoy her artwork. Her center squares are from a fabulous piece of hand-dyed fabric. Each block is beautiful and unique. I usually alternate the direction of my quilt stitches in a checkerboard design but I think having all the blocks stitched vertically in different threads will be really interesting . I’m going to have to try that.

Thank you Haymarket Quilters! I really enjoyed spending time with all of you while the rain poured and pounded down all day. 

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