Massachusetts Hike Day 4 and Day 5

Day 4

We are walking south today. This is a great thing about section hiking with two cars. You get to choose which way to hike based on how easy or hard it is to position cars at the Trail heads or whether you like to hike mostly down or mostly up. 

First off we cross over the Massachusetts turnpike on this wonderful hiker bridge. It’s fun to try and get the drivers to give us a horn honk. 

Then we have a lovely walk all around the edge of Upper Goose Pond. I really wonder what criteria is used or how large a body of water has to be, to be called a lake in Massachusetts.

I always think about the settlers that built these stone walls. What a hard job to move, carry and stack heavy rocks. They would never believe what bright colored, Lycra-clad, gym goers do to keep fit!

Just one inattentive step and this fellow would have been under my boot–splat. Man, Laura would have heard some serious yelling and squealing!

Yesterday I passed two women out hiking, looking for lady slippers. I think this will bloom yellow. I hardly ever see the yellow ones, mostly pink. Both colors are pretty rare and special.

US 20 to Main Road   8.5 miles

Day 4

Laura and I have decided to drive home after a short hike today. It’s getting hot, rain is forecast and the black flies are starting up. I can’t tell you how much I hate black flies. 

We are on the wet side of the mountain. Lots of beautiful jack-in-the-pulpits, foam flowers, wild oats and geraniums.

We hike up Cobble Hill to a great lunch spot, looking down into the valley.

A perfect end to our hike. 

Beartown Mountain Road to Main Road   6.3 miles

Total Section 41.6 miles

Remaining AT miles 634.1 miles

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    What beautiful sights! Thanks so much for sharing them!

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