Massachusetts Hike Day 3

Another day of fairly flat hiking until a long down at the end of the hike. Yea! There are storms forecast for late afternoon so Laura and I don’t plan to dawdle. Note new turquoise hiking poles. 

Of course I have to stop long enough to take a photo. I spotted these trout lilies, Gary’s favorite wild flower. I explained that the speckled leaves look a little like trout and this has stuck in his fishy brain. I’m pretty sure it’s the only wild flower he can identify!

We stopped at Washington Mountain Brook for lunch. PBJ sandwiches and chips have to be the best Trail lunch ever invented. Laura and I both treated ourselves to a bottle of coke today too.

We hiked right along the edge of Finerty Pond. In New England, ponds are what I would call lakes. Pretty sizable lakes. 

What? Beaver gave up on this tree midway through? I have never seen so many beaver lodges and dams as I have seen in Massachusetts. Sure wish I could actually see one of these ingenious nature engineers, their industrious work fascinates me. 

Washington Mountain Road to US 20 Lee, Massachusetts   9.5 miles

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