Massachusetts Hike Day 2

Laura and I are both driving our cars so that we can “piggy back” up the Trail. On the way through Dalton, I spotted this cafe. Latte for the road!

I have really been looking forward to this hike. The Appalachian Trail is rarely flat but today there are miles of fairly even terrain and then a long, gradual down into Dalton. 

Painted trilliums are everywhere!

I see the red ones (or I probably should call them purple) also.

But the painted trilliums are at their finest bloom today. All I can think about is using some gorgeous King Tut thread to thread paint the deep pink at the base of the petals. And do I have a batik that dark, brownish green for the leaves?

The Trail is a nice mix of open woods and sweet stream crossings. 

This is the most amazing beaver dam I’ve ever seen. There are actually three terraces. 

These bright marsh marigolds–cowslips, make me smile. 

Dwarf ginseng. The regular ginseng was highly prized as an aphrodisiac in China and as a tonic here, and was so over-collected that it is considered endangered. I guess this small version doesn’t have the same effects because it’s all over the forest floor. 

Ahhh. A wonderful day to wander in the woods. Laura and I alternate between quiet reflection (ok, I’m so entranced with wild flowers I’m “mind quilting!”) and animated discussion,solving all the world problems, and some of our own. 

That distant bump is Mt. Greylock, the highest point in Massachusetts, about 15 miles north. You can drive to the top, even stay the night at Bascom Lodge. My plan, when I get there, is to hike down both sides from the top. It isn’t a huge mountain but why not start each day with a latte!

The Trail walks right through residential Dalton. Some of the houses have the milage posted north and south. 639 miles to the top of Katahdin. Interesting– that’s just about the number of miles I’ll have left when I finish this section hike. Thank goodness I’ve already climbed Katahdin. 
Washington Mt. Road to Gulf Road, Dalton   10.5 miles

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  1. I was thinking the same thing Susie was!

  2. beautiful…now I could walk that flat part! Love the dam too

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