Massachusetts Hike Day 1

It’s so good to be back in the woods. Massachusetts is an easy state to hike the Appalachian Trail in day hikes because there are lots of road crossings. After a 5 hour drive from Pennsylvania, Laura and I stretch our legs with a short,warm up hike. 

I spotted a painted trillium right away.

I also broke both of my hiking poles! The bottom extension mechanism refused to hold. The lower portion kept slipping out and after trying unsuccessfully to tighten it, I had to turn the poles upside down and struggle on. Finely, they were too bent to slide back in. Aggravating! When we finished the hike and came down into Lee, I located an Eastern Mountain Sports store in a mall. Racing to the store with 15 minutes before closing, I bought new poles, a nice stylin’ turquoise color. 

Woohoo! Back in business and hiking trip saved.

Lake Buel Road to Beartown Mountain Road   6.8 miles

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