Indiana Bound


I haven’t been just laying about not blogging…I’ve been on a speaking and teaching trip to Indiana. First stop was Fort Wayne to give my Appliqué Quilting in Layers workshop to Appleseed quilters. I was having too much fun to snap photos. Darn, there were some lovely quilts in progress. I couldn’t resist the complimentary colors in this pot on the grounds of the Indianapolis Art Museum. 


Laura, the Program Chairperson from the Quilters Guild of Indianapolis, has taken me here  for the afternoon. We are just entranced with this gorgeous wall!



The collections in this museum are eclectic and varied. I just filled my eyes with art and inspiration. I couldn’t take the time and concentrate enough to take notes to record the artist’s name and information.



At first I thought this work was a textile but closer inspection showed carved wooden panals.



Georgia O’Keeffe! One of my favorite artists. It is just amazing how much depth and nuance and interest there is in this painting when I see it in person.



This exhibit showed women’s garments from 1775 to 1968. I’m very grateful for casual wear today.



It was fun to meet Laura and spend the day with her at the museum. I could spend a week there. I’ll show the Quilt Exhibit tomorrow. Yes! Quilts at this museum, too. Just to make sure I was comfortable in my hotel, the Guild members put together a Welcome Bag. What a wonderful idea! There was all kinds of goodies, from fabric to chocolate (not shown because…well, you know why.) Thank you all!


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  1. What a great adventure! With goodies too!

  2. Lynne Laino says

    What a delightful blog post!!! I love the way you speak! Thank you so much for sharing your museum visit, I can’t wait to see the quilts now. And may I say that aren’t gift bags just the best?

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