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Birds, cats and squirrels? An appliqué quilt? No. My friend Peggy made these seed cakes and gave me a heart and a star to feed the birds. I love to watch birds at a feeder but our trees are too far back in our yard to see them. We have another complication. Feral cats live under our deck during the winter. We have had them spayed and neutered to the tune of a lot of effort and money, fortunately shared with our neighbors. I think this cat community started with a pair of refugees from Longwood Garden’s “Natural Pest Control Program.” Our cats disappear during the summer months (back to Longwood?) because they don’t like the regular bursts of water from my automatic sprinkler system. Take that, tabbies! I’m worried about having a bird feeder because I feel like I’m setting up a Songbird Buffet for the cats dining pleasure. 

So I had this idea to bring a wire tutour from the garden onto the deck to hang the seed cakes. I could see the birds enjoying their treat and the cats wouldn’t venture up to snack on the birds. Well, I did not take into account the acrobatic talent of squirrels. I used to like squirrels. I would even bring them acorns back from my walks. This ended abruptly one day when I witnessed a vicious, unprovoked attack on my beautiful, full blooming, climbing red roses. The malacious little beasts bit every single lovely flower off the rose trellis.  Why, I ask you? They didn’t eat them, just bit them cleanly off. Squirrels shot themselves in the paw with that, because no more acorns from this girl. They got the seed though. In about seven seconds this guy scampered up the wire, knocked down the seed cake and commenced gorging himself, not leaving until he devoured the entire thing. Clearly, I need a new plan.

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  1. Pamela Coughlin says

    We have squirrels too. Twice a year they fill our freezer. They can get too many and they do feast on the bird feeders. I put my suets in wire cages and the squirrels do not get them. The black squirrels are the worst offenders. They are mean to the red and gray squirrels. And they can stand right by you and not be nervous at all.



    Love the wire Tutor.. We slowed the squirrel progress down on a few feeders by using Crisco to make the wires very slick. A neighbor uses a silicon spray (HD) to slow the rascals down. At any rate, I have declared war on the pesky brats for destroying our Peony garden. UUGH!! Good luck.

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